sorry but i browse the bird site instead of here. its cursed but once you get over the constant screaming theres some really good engagement

can't wait to turn 30 and have my entire musculoskeletal system turn against me

to: me
from: admin

To be Online, or not to be, that is the question,

[YEAR: 2030]

DOCTOR: (to me) Your daily habit of drinking a bottle of iced coffee every day for the past decade has taken a terrible toll on your health. I'm sorry but our tests discovered that you have a permanent and untreatable case of The Shits

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welcome to my mental health blog. on the left you will find "the scream zone" and on the right is the little cross to close the window

my most millennial moment was when i started a fire in the kitchen as a teenager and immediately googled 'how to put out fire' on my laptop

tfw no beautiful anarchist wife to repudiate oppressive social norms with

i think about the goatse guy often. what happened to him. is he still alive. is his ass ok

To: Me
From: Ebay
Subject: Your Order ("Sufjan Stevens Body Pillow 160cm") Has Shipped

my average video game playthrough cycle

- install game
- download 100000 mods to perfect immersion, aesthetics, depth of game
- game doesn't work
- forget about game

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I'm actually a depressed twink but it's more fun to pretend that I am a skeleton online

the world is a toilet and we are all treading in its placid waters

the renaissance produced millions of nude marble busts but not a single one of a person honking off. why

HogWatch Status Update:

The TL is currently SAFE (No Hogs)

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can't believe they turned the experience of recieving 'hey' from empty profiles on tinder into a board game

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