did you know you can post a toot by pressing the "toot" button. it is easy to do. it is something you should try if you are looking for something to do

I'm actually a depressed twink but it's more fun to pretend that I am a skeleton online

thing s i am FAN of

- Nice Things
- Good pEople

Things I am NOT FAN OF

- liers
- deceptsion
- """"BAD EGG"""""""

voters: please do something about the climate before we all die
conservative: folks, the climate isnt real. its just a spook story. i haven't seen a single clime, ever
neoliberal: i care about the climant. i will create 100 new jobs to fix crinate. i love crinant

pop punk was a conspiracy by the music industry to get royalties from video game soundtracks in the early 2000s

the cardigans' 1996 song 'lovefool' is the only significant contribution of the western canon to the discipline of music in the last 200 years

(mom raids my drawers and finds my jockstraps) they're not jockstraps mom i don't know what that is i swear they are Posterior Support Garments

hobbies: getting attacked by birds, crying

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WIFE: (CRYING) Please...please just be normal again. Why do you browse the internet all night? Why do you have to call everything a crpytid
ME: (POINTS TO SON) The baby is a cryptid

the animal liberation movement could have called attention to the millions of neopets hopelessly trapped in digital captivity, but they chose not to. why

Creating a formally signed and witnessed will that requires my successors to play balearic house at my funeral

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