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Hot Singles In Your Area Know Where You Are And Are Vacating Your Area

real shame about Yang. I was gonna use my monthly 1000 to curate a harem of blowup dolls

β€ͺAndrew Yang at least did not make me feel immediate disgust upon seeing him unlike Bloomberg, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg ‬

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I'm a simp for God, my country, my family and my egirl

Brooko and I are hopefully traveling to Japan next year so we're learning some Japanese in the meantime 😊

@tarzanboy idk, I still like calling people cucks and pissbabies, I guess that makes me a boomer.

the myth perpetuated by right wing media implying that being unemployed is somehow fun really boils my piss.

can’t wait for space capitalism so i can finally get a 128oz soda beverage..... IN SPACE

I wish that being unemployed made me more motivated to apply to jobs rather than just depressing me into starting Dark Souls II again.

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1st FEBRUARY 2020

A: Love [+: GOOD / -: BAD]
B: Healing [-: GOOD / +: BAD]
AB: Garlic bread [-: EAT / +: EAT]
O: Career [+: GOOD / -: BAD]

Hey bi does not mean trans or enby exclusive. I'll stop saying it as soon as I stop seeing it suggested :heart_bi: :heart_nb: :heart_pan: :trans_heart:

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