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i'll give you all a hug and tell Socrates about Jordan Peterson protest on Saturday ✨❤

Tried to update the idiom "X is a poor man's Y" for an anti-capitalist audience.

But with phrases like "wealth is a rich man's only reason to live" and "shareholders are a rich man's family" coming to mind, it's just too real to be funny.

breaking the glass ceiling by screaming really loud like a stupid bitch

negative, but it'll be positive 

🦍 today's homie is @muppetbutler! 🦍
i don't know where to start!!! brooko is one of the most talented, creative people on this website and i'm so happy to know her. i love it when she takes pictures of animals and i would give my life for her and her doggies

💥💥 Today's homie 💥💥 is @redcosmonaut!!!! Eleanor is so smart, talented, nice, supportive and cool and I am so grateful to know her!!!

Been listening to a lot of Magnus Archives so I think I’m gonna apply to Cryptids soon

@jojo these are family friendly aquatic facilities ill have you know

Am I a dedicated enough Crazy to put an Electric Six song on my end of the decade list? Probably not but maybe.

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For people who are constantly screaming into the void.