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There are so many wombats in my overheated bedroom eating terrible food and having a Heart Attack

I just finished listening to edgy cunt music

dinner is the final chapter of the meal trilogy

you can take the dick out of the ass, but you can't take the ass out of the dick

i’m in the freaking linguine and there’s nothing you can do

in 2020 Mambo No. 4 will reach it's End Of Life, please switch to Mambo No. 5 and ensure your dependencies are updated

Being sex-positive means that you believe that sex is real and not made up by Big Silicone to sell more toys... I’m sex-negative.

bad news, my old Apple Pencil isn’t compatible with my new ipad

good news, i still have fingers

Official Nintendo Poll:
Which Pokémon would you give a gun?

Death Grips are the quintessential band of the 2010s and no one else comes close

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For people who are constantly screaming into the void.