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stop asking me whats up. the answer is always gonna be not much, just chilling. im always chilling. itll never change. even as i write this i am chilling

we should stop making pets now, there’s like more than enough now

while it's true that both @matt and i are funded by the Koch brothers, i promise you they have no editorial discretion regarding our posts

Since the dawn of time, humanity has yearned for one thing: For Ky to become a Twitch streamer. So we started a GoFundMe!

name one thing that isnt a social construct. you cant

i am fucking cool and badass like captain jack sparrow

Suck my ass like a 3 in 1 hp printer!! πŸ–•πŸΎπŸ–•πŸΎ

Boost if Ky should become a Twitch streamer πŸ”

Should I listen to Tool and if so where should I start?

@jojo i cant believe you would do this blasphemy, on Digimon Day......

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For people who are constantly screaming into the void.