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teabagging someone's gaping arsehole to prove dominance

I mean... I'm vegan, but a Tim Tam's a Tim Tam... (I will resist)

Where is when you need some good toots?

@jojo @knownrobes @burgin @muppetbutler @ben @root preparing to withstand the pressure of the ocean by surrounding myself in a protective #ForeskinBalloon

Biggle baggle work for the kind of person who keeps all their prescription bottles on their end?

I can produce it and she never lies! Accept your defeat. Right this instant or else!

@burgin @gayalien @jojo @muppetbutler @ben @root can't wait for me and nine of my friends to turn a few casual drinks into pixar's Up #foreskinballoon

With some creative thinking, they could've made Up (2009) a much better movie

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