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wow cant believe jojo got canceled for disrespecting sonic 2......happens to the best of us i guess

i don't like it when my brain feels like buzz noodles

the first time we heard the phrase "student lunch debt"we should have flipped cars over and burned them at the idea that children could incur debt to eat, but we didn't so now news stories about it are used to reify capitalist fables and it's just normal

just in time to rinse out your heinous subtoots

Boomers reviewing apps online: β€œThis app is a piece of shit” *5 Stars*

Only non-binary partner has no end

pitbull, joining the cast of an American teen drama television series based on the characters of Archie Comics 

I love to be dommed by my own biology, so I guess you could say I'm biodegradable.

Do you ever think of a terrible thing to post and decide not to? If so, can you teach me how?

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