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croatian alcohol bogan story 

I’m in fear of being sucked into the vortex and so I’m boycotting

I really need to do more music write-ups because I spent so long in high school and uni building this knowledge with nowhere to use it.

emptying the cheapest goon sack money can buy into a wine glass and sniffing and swirling it around like a connosseiur

Help, I woke up at 5 AM and now I’m stuck on this website

If you stare into the void long enough,

Security will ask you to leave.


what if rustle was spelleb wrussle. or russell. that'b de so fuckeb up

It's about time we appreciate Kevins everywhere! Good work Kevin, wherever you are.

a guy at work described himself as "extremely libertarian" yesterday and he got mad when i asked him how we'd pay for roads under his ideal government lmao

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For people who are constantly screaming into the void.