The cinema is empty so I'm about to essentially have a private Spider-Man: Far From Home screening

People act like vegan food is poison. Like, no fucker, eat more vegetables.

I know what to do if life gives me lemons, but what do I do if Matt does?

@goblin i love heavenly because of the juxtaposition created by their lyrics feeling like someone living through hell

Daylight is so nice maybe I will try to stay awake until it's night again?

1/10,000 eggs sold at a grocery store are fertilized and filled with a tiny little human baby that will climb out of the shell and hide somewhere in your home if you're not quick enough

austalians please stop affixing the letter o to every single object in existence

@Dayglochainsaw Bitwig and REAPER are good paid ones. As for unpaid... LMMS and Ardour seem to be the only real options? I don't know that much sorry.

@johnrandom @muppetbutler the number of o's on the end of that "no" is so australian

@ibrokemypie okay awesome ☺️ hope the rest of your day goes well!

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