I didn’t find any tree snakes on the way here, but that’s okay 🌊

HELLO GAMERS and non-gamers and everyone in between?

I made a trash game over the weekend! It's called Replydra and it's about being a reply guy? I know, crazy right? It's not -that- funny and it doesn't make a statement really, idk what it is. It wasn't a great concept. But I followed it through!

Anyway, I made this game for the weird battle system and some Mastodon friends. Please feel free to try it out and tell me it's trash!!! Much love, Jojo.

I'm going to sleep for 20 years now.


I once called Greg Sestero "babyface" milliseconds before getting a photo with him while dressed as Mark (selfie, eye contact, The Room)

The only good thing about Facebook is that I got a lot of good Twin Peaks memes from it. (eye contact)

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