JoJo - very cool
I'll make a diss track of our love 💖💖💖

Let us meet. If I find you enjoyable then we will mate. Also I'm into hiking or whatever.

@jojo I would simply not have a bio and have a panic attack if anyone actually spoke to me

@muppetbutler my current bio hasn’t been updated in 1 and a half years and it’s actually deplorable - I just want to talk shit with people on this though, so perhaps it’s fine

@jojo @muppetbutler

oh no.

oh no no no no no..

i mean, respectfully, ohhh no.

@jackdaw_ruiz @muppetbutler This shitty bio actually worked and got me a gf, if you can believe it. The world is unfairly biased towards those who don’t try.

@muppetbutler @jackdaw_ruiz I will simply change my bio to say “My internet friends say I’m not allowed to write my own bio”

@jojo @muppetbutler

scrap ALL of this. start with:

"i'ma execute a no knock warrant to get up in them guts. jk i'm not a cop. i ain't down with search and seizure, more about that church of leisure. preach!

i will expect you to order for me on the first date."

@muppetbutler @jackdaw_ruiz @jojo this is a very specific man that exists and I do not like to go on dates with him

@ItsJenNotGabby @muppetbutler @jojo

god bless him for making me seem acceptable in comparison. i salute this terrible, terrible man.


@muppetbutler @jackdaw_ruiz @jojo i didn't think i could do a larger hmmm emoji, but my phone screen literally ballooned, swelling larger and pulsing brighter the longer i held my finger on it, and the ringing in my ears got louder and louder and i couldn't pull my finger away and i think my ears are bleeding?

also needs more minecraft

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