*mastodon.social voice* Hello my name is Arnold. I am from #germany and I love to #cycling and #comics. I also like #GNU #Linux und being #kinky. Vat is up mein bruders

*knzk.me voice* Look buddy. if you don't think Chihiro Daisuki episode 392 has communist themes i don't know what to fuckin tell you

*cryptids.online voice* Helo..
Do not looke behind you .. for i am spookey ghost .. I wil never brake character...... I Lurk in shadow yes..

*sunbeam.city voice* alright. so ive got a few ideas on how to stop capitalism. first we let vines grow over all the buildings on wall str-

*witches.live voice* [198 days ago] Hello mastodon! I'm new here.

[2 hours ago] Having breakfast.

*4eva.online voice* what's a mastadon?? i only know twitter

@jojo lmao there was a lot more than this that i didnt put in the thread bc it was too problematic for other people to find later LMAO

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