People on Mastodon will CW something like "aaah!!! i'm really in love" as "lewd"

While at the same having a display name like "Tentacle Domme Slut"

@Gargron Did you anticipate this level of hornt when starting Mastodon?

Side q: Have you considered a system where you could flag your display name as NSFW?

My first big toot on this instance has “Tentacle Domme Slut” in the text, I’m sorry.

@Absolutely_Blakely but actually! i would like to say thank you to @Dayglochainsaw's display name for getting me 35 boosts and 48 favs so far

Listen, being in a committed and loving relationship is the lewdest thing of all


I thought the filtering mechanism for specific words was generally on instances and that this was commentary on surprising wholesomeness, my mistake :(

@jojo Gwendolyn "Tentacle Domme Slut" Asimov @

@jojo @Gargron why not flag whole account as NSFW if you're going to go that route?

@MrRee @jojo I'm not sure. Sex workers on Twitter are not overly happy with being hidden from search results &co by default because their account is marked as NSFW. And that's what this system would essentially have to be

@Gargron @MrRee this was mostly just a 4AM musing about how i mostly see NSFW display names on boosted content, honestly. i don't think it's really that important, which is why i made it the side question lol.

@Gargron @MrRee i'm glad you think about the whole community though, Eugen

@MrRee @jojo @Gargron one might argue that the display name does a great job of flagging your whole account as nsfw ;p

@jojo mastodon feature request: being able to CW your display name

This is not my experience of Mastodon. Depends on who you follow, I guess.

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