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No longer posting as I have been cancelled and require uncancellation. Thank you for your patience.

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I made an Instagram for my game dev promo bullshit. Follow me there if you want to see semi-regular lil vids about that:

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Hi all!

I've started a series of playlists containing tracks that I consider essential to me! Each playlist will be around 50 songs long and should flow well from track to track (with a few exceptions where it feels right).

Here's the first one, thank u:

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everything ive ever written has been flawless and hot as fuck

@jojo I had a time machine and could kick your butt

it's just too real to be positive 🌞

i exclusively listen to cattitude it's genuinely traumatising

linux is free as in free time ha ha oh god let me sleep

I’m gonna see him shrink into a giant sentient haemorrhoid

The Frogcast with Brooko and also your toots, hmu on linkedin :)

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