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Hi all!

I've started a series of playlists containing tracks that I consider essential to me! Each playlist will be around 50 songs long and should flow well from track to track (with a few exceptions where it feels right).

Here's the first one, thank u:

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the renaissance produced millions of nude marble busts but not a single one of a person honking off. why

life has been nothing but SHIT since I woke up.

If y’all haven’t figured shit out by now, you don’t deserve to know

Crushing so hard that you head into the outback with only a push bike and a machete to fight off the bandits

i've only heard brooko say like 5 words but i can tell she got bogan qualities

Sure the shut down is bad, but I’m still not over the shut down yet

a choir of women follow me wherever i go, scampering through the bullshit like that.

TIL tiny kong x ash is a common ship. please enjoy what i have reaped from my reconnaissance mission

(Showing Eve 💯gecs has turned out to be a good decision)

1000 gecs is so good, why isn’t there a 2000 gecs?

if hand crushed by a mallet came on in the club my pussy and ass would fly OFF

my gamer boyfriend doesn't want to go to our wedding because there's a patch coming out on that day for his favourite game, and you know what, i respect that

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