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No longer posting as I have been cancelled and require uncancellation. Thank you for your patience.

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I made an Instagram for my game dev promo bullshit. Follow me there if you want to see semi-regular lil vids about that:

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Hi all!

I've started a series of playlists containing tracks that I consider essential to me! Each playlist will be around 50 songs long and should flow well from track to track (with a few exceptions where it feels right).

Here's the first one, thank u:

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Immersion might be one of the most universally likeable albums of the decade

After I became vegan, my credit score plummeted. Coincidence?? I think NOT trick ass bitch!!

@jojo I am not a scientist so I can @ you to say I think this checks out

If my understanding is correct, we didn’t have any soil on this planet until one day things moved to land and shat and died on it. Scientists don’t @ me.

me: don’t dm me

also me: falls in love with someone that dm’d me

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