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Hi all!

I've started a series of playlists containing tracks that I consider essential to me! Each playlist will be around 50 songs long and should flow well from track to track (with a few exceptions where it feels right).

Here's the first one, thank u:

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Thinking about how most of the people who showed me the things I enjoy are no longer in my life.

Don’t call your group a think tank unless you drive around in a tank that looks like a brain

its been brought to my attention that communism could never work in the real world. which is a shame. i wonder why no communist has ever thought about this and written about it :/

where does a mansplainer get his water?
from a well, actually

sonic the hedgehog (2020) spoiler 

Believing that β€œmovies” and β€œfilms” are two separate things is a microsnobgression

in the pub and a guy a table across on presumably a date said "a donkey is like a working class horse"

i can’t leave my bed now, i am tweaking to jazz rn

Unless a job listing states a ridiculous salary, never believe that you can just "work your own hours"

if i cant be horny on main then its not my revolution

us politics 

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