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No longer posting as I have been cancelled and require uncancellation. Thank you for your patience.

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I made an Instagram for my game dev promo bullshit. Follow me there if you want to see semi-regular lil vids about that:

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Hi all!

I've started a series of playlists containing tracks that I consider essential to me! Each playlist will be around 50 songs long and should flow well from track to track (with a few exceptions where it feels right).

Here's the first one, thank u:

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i love listening to my favorite artist, the scatman and scatting along. Just going skibabopbadopbop. Saying things like bababababoop. Throwing in a badabadabadadoop once in a while. Never missing a lyric and impressing everyone around me

sexual harassment 

[straight voice] I support two men getting married but I draw the line at two trucks having sex

Music nerds should only date movie nerds. Ever heard of yin and yang, lads?

Okay I just finished listening to Ginger and it’s actually quite good, whoops

I guess my issue is that all the new Brockhampton songs sound very... forced? I just don’t feel them.

the biggest threat to you isn't ever gonna be the person you see as your enemy. it's the motherfucker standing next to you selling you a lie

The timeline is at approximately 3 million Scovilles right now. That is to say it's pretty fucking spicy.

The fedi is going to start caring about me a lot more out of nowhere next month lmao

the onus of responsibility for protecting people who are being harassed is on all of us. if you let your friends get away with that shit you better believe that guilt partially falls on you as well

If we channel all our energy, perhaps we can get @scream to come back

can't wait to turn 30 and have my entire musculoskeletal system turn against me

@jojo i can’t wait to cancel you by ground pounding you irl

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