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It might be time to grab a little astronaut necklace for your friend! Or, it might be way too early in the morning.

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#little #astronaut #necklace #sculpted #ceramic #gold #whitegold #mastoart

Me, a Level 1 Nerd: Yeah, it's fine that I have some personal information online.
Extremely online Nerds:


there's a certain satisfaction in eating dry cereal with a cup of milk

(read reverse-chrono)
me and kyle are having a hell of a time going through old roblox messages its great

nsfw ment (non explicit), friendship jokes 

don't click 

scream test 

i'm eternally bound to the name of 'glassandeyes' now, there's no going back

i'm gonna go on my mastosocial and find my FIRST EVER MASTODON POST

the first post on my berries account is me saying soemthing like 'i should use my berries more huh'

now i have 4k toots on it

i should do more environmental drawings and stuff, liquid crystal display was suuuuper fun to draw...

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